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Bob & Marsha Cargo

Welcome to ","  the personal website of Bob and Marsha Cargo. As leaders in the local real estate market, we believe that by providing our clients prompt, complete, and accurate information they will make thoughtful and informed decisions. For over thirty years, this approach has consistently resulted in happy sellers and buyers. Our goal is to provide you with as many resources and tools as possible in one spot so to try and help make the home buying experience as easy as possible. Our no pressure approach means everything on this site is free for you to use and you only have to worry about contacting us when you are ready or need some help!

Sellers: For Sellers we provide maximum exposure to the greatest possible mass of people through our guaranteed advertising and marketing program. List with us and watch what we can do as we market your property directly to buyers and increase the speed at which your property is found. 

For potential Buyers: we assist you in evaluating the variety of choices from types of property and location to financing and moving details. Check out my map search tool to look around town and see the community you might like to live in.  Let us help you find your dream home!